Over look on the Violence

To check the spread of rumours which has led to the exodus of north-eastern people from certain states, the government has banned bulk SMSes and MMSes for 15 days across the country.

Till now, a group based in Pakistan is suspected to have been involved in creating images and spreading them across social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube to provoke Muslims and create scare among people of North East living across India.

The Central is also planning to forbid all the sites which were found to host inflammatory & hateful content, spreading rumors & inciting violence targeting the people from north-east. It includes internet pages & fake user-accounts on Social networking sites to avoid panic among people of NE living across India.

My thoughts on the ACTION

I think a ban on bulk text messages may not be the solution since most of masterminds, who were sending out threatening text messages were individuals who were not using any bulk messaging facilities. Most of such text messages sent through un- registered SIM cards, which are used just for such purpose.

I also want to add, if government took a step to ban on the SMSes & MMSes, keeping in mind the rumors are traveling from peer to peer groups, than from an aggregator to peer than why the restriction does not apply to data based messaging services like WhatsApp and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

Is it like government doesn’t think such platform like WhatsApp and BBM will be used to spread any provocative information?

And Also 250 websites circulating offensive pictures and videos were blocked. It looks a good move by the government. But if they think this will be enough to stop the task of provoking than I don’t agree because, Where there is a will, there is a way.

There are numerous sites where message can be passed as simple as they did with the sites which have being banned till now and they can’t evade on it.

So the better investigation team putting their best efforts along with the appeal to the citizens to assist will result into ban on such crime. 

Being isolated from our own self is loneliness, as it is about feeling secluded from People and places. 

So, is it possible to remove the feeling of loneliness?

Yes Yes…But How?

See wherever you are, however you are try hard to be positive don’t allow your mind to be heavy with negative thoughts so think you may feel lonely but are you the only one feeling lonely in this whole world. So pace out of your comfort zone and try to take part in few bustle actively.
There is a whole world out there a world of billions!
Have extra smile from inner soul and see what a difference it makes. Reduce the time you spend online! Helping others is another effective way to break the pattern of loneliness. Get out there, do something that would make people happy! But make sure to leave some time for yourself because loneliness is really about you being disconnected from yourself.
So, get better at being alone without being lonely. Create some “alone time with your innersole.

 “It is the time spent with oneself that helps one to grow spiritually from within and empower oneself.”

Being alone is healthy but spending all your time alone in a state of loneliness do not make any sense. So keep in mind, alone does not mean lonely. Alone means to feel calm & comfortable in your own self, to accept yourself as you are & being your own best friend.

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